BUG in stage 7!!!

If you slide down from this pole, you will be stuck under spikes.
by the way, you will lose lots of HP while falling through spikes.
note. don't try this trick/bug...
because this is the last stage!! you don't want to start over...

Staff List

No. Picture Info
Default weapon
buy from pig in stage 2.

2000 zenny

buy from girl(?) in stage 3 or 4.

3000 zenny

hidden somewhere in stage 4.
buy from kappa in stage 5 or 6.

5000 zenny in stage 5
7000 zenny in stage 6

hidden somewhere in stage 7

Item Exchange

Pic info
buy from kappa in stage 3

500 zenny

exchange from pig in stage 4
exchange from kappa in stage 7

Just for fun