1. Don't get hit by anything. save HP for boss fight!!

2. Don't buy unnecessary items(like hearts, thunder, peach, bomb, shield, scroll...)

3. There is time limit(10 minute). after 10 minutes, monster on cloud will chase you(nomatter where you go, he will follow you.).It takes lots hit to kill him. if you kill him, another one will appear after 1 minute.

4. Don't forget to buy exchangable item(pig food) in stage 3

5. Don't skip the chance to increase staff power(6 of them all.) If you skip it, it may be too difficult to advance in later stage. (Amajin has long staff.).

6. Ginkaku/Kinkaku battle tip. Buy time stop item.
when boss throws both of his axes high, use time stop item. then jump and hit both Axes like madman.
You must destroy axe before it goes back. if not, the axe's hitpoint will be reset.
for Kinkaku(red one), wait until he throws both of his axes high(it is pretty hard to destory low axe even with time stop item)
Note. for easier battle, freeze time when both of axes overlap each other.

7. If you clear the stage very quickly, you will get bonus Zenny.

8. This game has RPG element. Your score acts as EXP points. It will expand MAX MP bar.
(and Yashichi item will increase MAX HP bar by 4)

9. in stage 6 just before the stage boss, pig will ask you a question.
If you say No, you will lose all zenny(so be careful.)...