DemoDemo vol.20
demo CD for Playstation

DemoDemo vol.20

It contains several demos and few FMV movies.

There is playable Suchie-Pai sample demo.

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Screen Shots
demo selection
Suchie-Pai sample demo Title!!
You only get to fight Yuki in the demo.
Surprisingly, you have all "Pai" members when you start the game.
Game start!
You have 1 Suchie-stick and 5 helper items.
Suchie-Pai series' best feature Hisatsu Suchie Stick!!

When in tenpai situation (just 1 more correct tile to win), You can use special attack (requires 1 Suchie Stick item) to win instantly.

The tile you need just pops up and you win.

*I didn't have time to capture the clean shot...

Even if you win big and get lots of panel match chances...
there is no panel match game in the demo.
it goes straight to the strip part. @_@

by the way, if you lose, you still get to see Yuki stripping.

When Yuki starts to strip...
suddenly, the demo just ends.