Idol Janshi R Jungle Project
for PS2

Idol Janshi R Jungle Project

not related with Suchie-Pai series, but I am listing it here anyway.

It seems it uses Idol Janshi wo Tsukucchaou(Dreamcast version)'s game engine.
each 11 characters has different special attacks(2 of them) and team special attack.
You collect points (by winning and in Panel Match) and buy stuff from Marorin's shop such as new mats, new tiles and other stuff.

Sharp graphics (hard to distinguish Bamboo 6 and Bamboo 9, but you can select different tiles)
Super duper easy, no Auto play, but it plays Auto Tsumo(can't turn off. It plays on its own when you do Richi).

more scan



CD art



Screen Shots - Since regular and limited edition seem same, I will use screen shots from Limited Edition.
Title screen
Game menu
Story mode
select team then select leader.
first opponents. select order.
when you lose in battle, next one takes place.
Morpine transformation!!
actual game looks just like Suchie-Pai 3.
even the panel match is the same.
by the way, there is no strip this time.
second opponent, Uradora-3
unlimited continue. he he.
final boss Tengu
when you beat her, you just get this picture.
you won! well.. that's about it.
Marorin's shop.
You can buy bunch of stuff(such as new mat, tiles...etc) with points.
single mode.
1 on 1 mode (including panel match)
you need to unlock characters from story mode first.
simple album mode. just full screen picture. no zoom.
music option!

strange fact :
opening song is short version, but there is long version of lyric in the instruction booklet.
also, you can't listen vocal songs in music option.

At the end of opening movie, you can see the soundtrack CD.
maybe PCCW has planned OST?
BGM is quite good. opening and ending are also great.
I hope they release OST someday.


Chibapyon's Special Attack-A chotto nothing