Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai III Limited Edition
for PC

Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai III (Arcade conversion)

*Mahjong game.

Miyuri is gone, and Nanami is selectable.(note : I played Dreamcast version first)

2 uncensored (18kin) arts per characters.

selectable difficulty, Joypad support. NO autoplay.
If you select Joypad on option menu, mouse will be disabled in the game.

2nd omake CD is voice actress page from old Jaleco web site. since Sakurai Miyuri(Koorogi Satomi) is not in the game, there is no Koorogi Satomi section.

also came with 6 collectable cards.

It seems the Limited Edition and Regular Edition are same.
Only difference is the Limited Edition's CD has protection ring(track) on it (clearly visible)

Limited Edition requires Limited Edition game CD to run(It doesn't run with Regular Edition CD)

more scan



CD art

CD art



Screen Shots - Since all 3 versions(Regular, LE, W-Pack) seem same, I will use screen shots from Limited Edition.

Launcher program


Install Direct X8.0a

Install Suchie Pai III

Game Option





Main Menu

Partner Select
unlike Dreamcast version, there is no Sakurai Miyuri.

After you beat the character you select, she will join.
Their special attack uses 1 helper item.


no Autoplay option.
It doesn't show you which piece you need to throw away when you do Richi.
Auto Tsumo option. When you do Richi, It will play automatically until necessary piece pops out. (you can turn off in option menu)

Yup. this is 18kin game.
you get 2 picture per characters.

Unlimited continue.
You get Special syoukan item when you continue.
You can replace any tiles you want(with random tiles) on next round.

When in tenpai situation (just 1 more correct tile to win), You can use Suchie Stick (requires 1 Suchie Stick item) to win instantly.

hisatsu Suchie Stick!!!

The tile you need just pops up and you win.

Panel Match.

as usual, you get items if you match 2 panels.
There are 1 medals per character.(split into 2 pieces)
you need to collect all 5 medals to unlock the "Real Ending"

When you collect all medals, you fight the final boss
Robot Janshi Suchie-Pai Mk II

Robot made by Sautome Nanami (who made Lemon Pai too)
Her eye color and color of head protector is different.

Suchie-Pai Mk II can lock all your special attacks.

Panel match

Yup, you strip Suchie-Pai Mk II too.

Ending credit

Hmm..... this picture doesn't looks like Suchie-Pai.
(Eyes, nose and all... wrong x_x)

Omake CD
old Jaleco site's voice actress' section.
but, since Miyuri is not in this Suchie-Pai III, there is NO Miyuri(Koorogi Satomi) section