Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai IV
for PS2

Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai IV
for PS2

*Mahjong game.

Regular edition comes with radio drama CD

Misaki Kyoko is missing.
New girl (Misaki Shoko) came to town looking for her while working at Maid Cafe!
She transforms into Suchie-Pai S and can do all the cheating moves.

You are new manager at You and Me cafe.
You scout maids from other cafe with help of Suchie-Pai S while looking for Kyoko.

Sound test mode is unlocked when you beat the game.
Just like previous Suchie-Pai series, sound test mode also has all vocal tracks.

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Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai IV



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Screen Shots
Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai IV
Cafe Menu ( start, continue, difficulty )

and some unlockable options.
first ??? is bonus omake mode and is unlocked when you beat the game.

You can also turn off the dialogue subtitle


It is very dangerous to do the special CHEATING techniques from this game in REAL mahjong.
Please don't try to mimic.

Also, play at a good distance away from TV in well lit room

New main character Misaki Shoko.
She came to town looking for Misaki Kyoko(original Suchie-Pai) while working at maid cafe, You and Me".

Her relationship with Kyoko is unknown.
but...based on limited information, I am guessing Shoko is...

She can transform into Suchie-Pai S
and does all the cheating moves.

Suchie-Eye skill is gone but new skill is added.
You can erase opponent's winning tsumo tile by painting the tile with white ink.
(tsumo tile can't be stopped in previous series)

on easy mode, you start with 5 of each skills.
(5 for easy, 3 for normal, 1 for hard mode)

so, with these skills, Suchie-Pai S is invincible.

Partner selection
Sakurai Miyuri is finally got out of hospital.
She works at maid cafe with help of talking bunny, Milk.
mahjong battle !!

you can turn on the autoplay by pressing triangle button twice.

Suchie-Pai series' best feature Hisatsu Suchie Stick!!
When in tenpai situation (just 1 more correct tile to win),
You can use special attack (requires 1 Suchie Stick item) to win instantly.
The tile you need just pops up and you win.
Panel Match. (biggest panel match area in the series...)

You play panel match game between rounds.
You get the item when you match 2 of them.

Also, you get G point in panel match and use it on photo mode later.
Every round has CL tiles that can win opponent with 100000000 points.
(you don't need to match all the tiles)

photo mode

Default costume is free.
You can select other costume by spending some G points.
There is no nudity, but some costumes are pretty naughty...

You can zoom in/out and take pictures and listen to their reaction.
(pictures themselves are not saved on memorycard.)

first victim
Zomg! I'm speechless...
Miyuri knows Kyoko is Suchie-Pai.
boing boing
staff scroll

when you beat all opponents, game just ends

there is epilogue after staff scroll
to be continued... on episode 2?
it seems new episode is shown as you beat the game many times.
sound test mode unlocked in omake section

Just like previous Suchie-Pai series, this game also has vocal tracks.

re-play mode and photo mode
You can re-play any matchs you previously played.
and in photo mode, all costumes you bought are available.

Suchie-Pai S radio station ( Drama CD )
With my limited knowledge, this is what I understand so far.

part 1 - Sari-chin note ( death note parody )
Remi left Sari-chin's note at cafe but it was gone in the morning.
Sakurako heard explanation (shinigami's note) and tries to get it.
Sakurako thought Kyoko took it because she stayed overnight.
But, Marin ( cat girl ) had it and Sakurako accidently wrote her name on it and feel the result ( diarrhea ).
as a revenge, she tried to write other's names too.
But Kyoko was in the bathroom to wash when it happened, Kyoko couldn't come out...
Sakurako paid the price of her action.

part 2 - Marin's sneak interview with Kaoru.
Cat girl maid Marin snuck into Kaoru's room and found about her otaku hobbies and 'big breast'
Since it was early in the morning, Marin fell asleep on top of her.
Shoko came by and saw that.
Shoko said she saw NOTHING and won't tell about their relationship(?).
Then leaves room quickly and calls Yuki right away about this new shocking info.

part 3 - tsun tsun maid
Shoko, Kyoko, Yuki went to Reiko's antique cafe and tries to scout her.
They ordered omelette rice and picked on Reiko's cooking skill.
and wants her to come to "You and Me" cafe to learn how to cook.
Reiko became so angry, she kicked them out. ( may be tried to kick out...whatever )
after kicking out, all 3 tasted the food.
it was super spicy.
But Kyoko ate them all, and forced Shoko to eat hers as well.
Yuki ate because of her pride. ( their talking with numb tongue were so funny)