Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai 4 Portable* Limited Edition
for PSP

Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai IV portable* Limited Edition
for PSP

*Mahjong game.

Limited edition comes with radio drama CD which has no tracklist.
and game is 100% same as regular edition.
(in other word, it is basically regular edition game with Drama CD in a nice box)

Misaki Kyoko is missing.
New girl (Misaki Shoko) came to town looking for her while working at Maid Cafe!
She transforms into Suchie-Pai S and can do all the cheating moves.
You are new manager at You and Me cafe.
You scout maids from other cafe with help of Suchie-Pai S while looking for Kyoko.

Other than the new opening, this version seems almost same as PS2 version.

*there is an install menu on option screen.
Game can be installed on memory stick using 284MB.
It seems loading is faster (with less UMD access)
but, whenever I get back from sleep mode, Loading-Error window pops up.

- firmware version information -
PSP Update ver 6.20 is included on UMD.

more scan



package inside the box :
Thick paper frame that holds game and drame CD.
(the Limited Edition game is 100% same as Regular Edition game!!!)

game case-front

game case-back



UMD cartridge

Suchie-Pai radio station portable* drama CD

Screen Shots were captured with PSP-3000 model with composite(AV) cable.
When PSP outputs the game screen to TV, it adds black border to all sides.
Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai IV Portable
XMB screen (PSP main menu)
Title screen
Option menu from Cafe Menu

set difficulty and subtitle.
There is install option.
284MB free space on memorystick is required.

Installation screen.
47 %... hehehe.

It is very dangerous to do the special CHEATING techniques from this game in REAL mahjong.
Please don't try to mimic.

Also, play at a good distance away from TV in well lit room

You are new manager at You and Me maid cafe.
You and Misaki Shoko will go out and scout other maids from other maid cafe.
but first, she will transform into Suchie-Pai S and test your skill.

Oh, no! Suchie-Pai S is in pinch!
not really, hehehe.

She can do all kinds of cheating moves.
even better than original Suchie-Pai.(who can't stop opponent's winning tsumo tile)
so, with these cheating skills, Suchie-Pai S is invincible.

Loading installed data has failed. Disabling INSTALL feature.

It seems loading is faster (with less UMD access)
but, whenever I get back from sleep mode, this Loading-Error screen pops up.

Partner selection
Charismatic Akiba maid, Mikogami Sakurako-sama
mahjong battle !!

you can turn on the autoplay by pressing square button twice.

By the way, difficulty setting doesn't affect the number of cheating items.
All difficulty modes give 3 of cheating items.
(In PS2 version, easy mode gives 5, normal=3, hard=1)

Suchie-Pai series' best feature Hisatsu Suchie Stick!!
When in tenpai situation (just 1 more correct tile to win),
You can use special attack (requires 1 Suchie Stick item) to win instantly.
The tile you need just pops up and you win.
Panel Match. (biggest panel match area in the series...)

You play panel match game between rounds.
You get the item when you match 2 of them.

Also, you get G point in panel match and use it on photo mode later.
Every round has PanelClear tiles that can win opponent with 100000000 points.
(you don't need to match all the tiles)

photo mode

Default costume is free.
You can select other costume by spending some G points.
There is no nudity, but some costumes are pretty naughty...

You can zoom in/out and take pictures and listen to their reaction.
(pictures themselves are not saved on memorystick.)

one of victims
default costume is less naughty.
staff scroll.

when you beat all opponents, game just ends.

There is epilogue after staff scroll.
To be continued... on episode 2?
it seems new episode is shown as you beat the game many times.
Sound mode is unlocked after beating the game.

Just like previous Suchie-Pai series, this game also has vocal tracks.

Dialogue replay mode.
Unlike PS2 version, there is no mahjong match part. no photo mode either.
Photo mode
Costumes you bought in game are available.
There is new color option for each costumes.
After beating game, you can change maid on menu screen with triangle button.
like this!