Suchie-Pai Adventure : Dokidoki Nightmare
for Playstation

Suchie-Pai Adventure : Dokidoki Nightmare

*Date simulation + Quiz game.

Suchie Yuki's underwear is changed into colorful swimsuit (in transformation FMV).

Opening movie is much cleaner, but framerate seems choppier than Saturn version.

It has Flag mini game instead of cool Ninja Jajamaru game.

more scan



CD art

CD art



Screen Shots
Main Menu
Opening game
Captain Flag...?

I think PS1 can handle 2D shooter like JyaJyaMaru.
I don't understand why Jaleco has replaced cool game with this flag game...

Lilim says something and you raise or lower red or white flag.
The game begins as You(Player) met Kyoko at the game-center after playing Captain Flag.

She will show you around the town.
When you step out, a girl named Kotori bumps into you.
She ran away....but it's only a beginning of the nightmare...
(a psycho girl in love is very very scary)

It is ren-ai game(date simulator).
You walk around the town and meet girls(and impress them by talking nice!).

Today's target is Shiho.

Talk nice to impress her.
At night, Lilim visits all the girl you met on day time and put them into eternal slumber. you can only protect one girl at a night with quiz game.
If you get 2 right answers, Lilim will attack another girl instead.
Shiho is saved for now...until next Lilim attack...
Lilim in action.
If you get 2 right answers, she will choose another victim.

Lilim attacks other girls in their sleep...

Like this!

He he.

On friday night, remaining girls will team up with you and strom into final girl's house and protect her.

If all of PAI members are alive, final battle will be a Panel Match. If any Pai member is missing, final battle will be regular quiz(it requires 5 right answers).

In the final quiz, remaining Pai member will take on quiz too(using your 5 chances). which isn't a good thing because they are not bright.

When you beat Lilim, she will ran away.
All girls will be back to normal.
After ending, you choose the girl for a date on Sunday. If you impressed her well, you get a Happy End.

Date mode is on Disc 2.

Title for Disc 2
There are several modes
Date mode, sound test mode, gallery, and mini game.

by the way, every Suchie-Pai games has sound test mode with vocal tracks.

Date mode.

Kiss Kiss Kiss!!!!!

Shiho is happy
Mini Game 1

Between waves, you pick up shells and other things for score.
You can hit other girls with the ball.

Mini game 2

Simple mole game.
You can hit other girls too.

Mini Game 3

bomb throwing game.
bomb can be bounced off the walls.
you can duck to avoid the flying bombs.