Idol Janshi wo Tsukucchaou (Limited Edition)
for Dreamcast

Idol Janshi wo Tsukucchaou (Limited Edition)

*Mahjong game

The last Suchie Pai game ever made by Jaleco.

super short game play(4 stages per character). easy difficulty. automatic play option.

Limited Edition comes with omake CD, but game CD is in mono color.

There are few BMP pictures in GD rom's omake folder.(GD ROM's inner track is readable on CD Drive)

Making mode lets you create/modify anime characters(you win mahjong and buy cloth and accessory)

It's very limited, but you can make some characters from Gall Force or GunSmithCats ^_^.

more scan



CD art

CD art



Instruction booklet page 29 has lyric for "gyoza serenade" (song from omake CD)

Screen Shots - Since regular and limited edition seem same, I will use screen shots from Limited Edition.
Main Menu

Scenario mode, making mode, and option.

Partner select screen

Unlike the arcade version, this game has Sakurai Miyuri.

final boss Suchie-Pai mkII.
A robot made by Sautome Nanami (who also made Lemon-Pai)

Her eye color and color of head protector are different.

randomly, Suchie-Pai mkII can lock your special attacks for that round.
Suchie-Pai series' best feature Hisatsu Suchie Stick!!

When in tenpai situation (just 1 more correct tile to win), You can use special attack (requires 1 Suchie Stick item) to win instantly.

The tile you need just pops up and you win.

When you beat her, she stops functioning.
Miyuri's ending...
Staff Scroll...

the last Suchie-Pai game made by Jaleco...
(I never knew it would be the last one...)

Making mode

You can configure the robot with different style.
each mode has different eye style (and different voice actress)

You can select body type(?), hair style, costumes...etc. to make different character.
It's limited, but You can make someone like this!
then...make her a partner and teach her mahjong.
When you beat opponent, you get points and you can buy more costumes and accessories.
Option menu

Difficulty select, sound test, gallery, omake ending....etc.

Gallery mode
full screen zoom.
As usual, there is vocal tracks in sound test mode.

Only bad thing is...there are 6 different normal ending songs for 6 characters(sung by voice actress).
But, there are only 2 normal ending songs in sound test.
itsudatte daijyobu A (Amano Mai, Satome Chiruru, Milky-Pai) 
itsudatte daijyobu B (Sakurai Miyuri, Souzu Seira, Mizuno Yuki)

I wish there were 6 different version of itsudatte daijyobu.

END of Suchie-Pai series.