Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai DVDPlayers Game
for DVD player

Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai DVDPlayers Game

Suchie-Pai game and movie, two in one.
Like the game, this OAV has some nudity(top only)

no DVD extra stuff. (There is no cosplay video...)

more scan



CD art

CD art

Screen Shots

You can play as game or watch the whole thing.

Chapter Menu for VIDEO mode
GAME mode

Mahjong Monster Pinzu runs

Suchie-Pai follows her
Menu pops up!!
A. attack the monster
B. just follow her
If you select "A"
Suchie Stick!!
If you select "B", Pinzu runs away
no big deal? right?
Wrong. You will miss this part later.
another decision.
A. Tatsumaki Sentakuke
B. Suchie Stick
A. Tatsumaki Sentakuke~!
B. Hisatsu Suchie Stick!!
no matter what you select...
Pinzu is dead.
(game over)
Ending from OAV part.
you won't see this part If you play as game.