Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai Mecha Gentei Ban
for Saturn

Idol Janshi Suchie Pai Mecha Gentei Ban

*Suchie Pai 1, Suchie Pai 2 and Adventure game.

Suchie Pai 1 still doesn't have auto-play.

Suchie Pai 2 has automatic play option!

Adventure has Super linear storyline and mahjong final battle.(since you play mahjong only 1 time in this game, don't ruin this opportunity with autoplay ^_^)

Adventure game has extra stuff such as home page for voice actress.
(Strange names : "47-Explorer" and URL "splp://47/")

There is a beautiful song in one of the page(Seiya Densetsu).
Go to Takahashi Miki's page. press button/box at the bottom of the page #1

more scan



CD art

CD art

CD art

CD art





*sample art from art book

Screen Shots
Disc 1 Title

This is basically Suchie Pai 1
(as always, there is no Auto-Play mode)

Graphics are censored just like PS version.

There is no nudity...

Disc 2 Title
Shiho is kidnapped by Ceciel.

*Jaleco used lots of censored art from PS version in this game, but they didn't use PS version of opening.

same as Suchie-Pai 2

but, with censored art

no nudity... just swimsuits.

Magical Peach Dress Up!

Peach-Pai Debut!

Disc 3 Title
Main Menu

There are several modes.
Adventure Game, Free-Battle, Omake gallery.

in Adventure Game, Yuki found Ghost Maya in school.
This game uses DokiDoki Nightmare's engine.
but, It has linear storyline. just talk to every girls.

*Miyuri is out of hospital!

You can even watch Alice's concert : Lonely Boy Lovely Girl.
anyway, Kyoko teams up with other Pai-members and storm into School.
This is school at night.
When Kyoko found Yuki, all other Pai-member had disappeared.
When they went bathroom while searching, screen turned black and Kyoko found herself in non-stop snowing mountain.

If you stop walking, snow flakes will pile on you.

You get to fight Maya on mahjong battle.

When Suchie-Pai does special attack, she will walkout and do the attack then come back.

You strip Maya too.

but there is no nudity...

Snow is finally stopped.
This ending has karaoke subtitles!
Ultimate Suchie-Pai free battle mode.
total 36 characters!!.
right-most column(Suchie-Pai1 NPC) and bottom row(GameTengoku shooter cast) are unlocked as you beat many opponents.

When you beat opponents, their costume will be added to Miyuri's room.

If you beat all opponents, Miyuri will have special omake command

Just like EVERY Suchie-Pai series, this one also has Sound Test mode with Vocal tracks.
47 Explpler.

It's copy of voice actress' page from old Jaleco homepage.

When you beat every opponent on free battle mode, you can tickle Miyuri. @_@.