Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai Secret album
for Saturn

Idol Janshi Suchie Pai Secret album

*Art collection + Ririmu Quiz show

Whole game looks like internet browser(Suchie-Explorer 4.7)
It even has counter.

Quiz is super hard(Lilim doesn't tell the right answer if your guess is wrong)

more scan



CD art

CD art



Screen Shots
Suchie-Explorer 4.7 Main page
(strange URL splp://jaleco/top page)

There is even a counter.

this is regular menu.

Kenichi Sonoda interview
Lilim quiz
Waku Waku chat
Suchie Gallery

Omake section is added here.
Interview with Kenichi Sonoda (by Kanai Mika and Takahashi Miki)

His face is protected with different letters all the time.

*There is Idol Tenshi Youkoso Youko LD Box set in one of videos. (Yokyun's voice is done by Kanai Mika ^_^)

Suchie Dictionary
Lilim quiz game is much much harder than DokiDoki Nightmare.

She doesn't tell you the right answer when you pick the wrong one.

Quiz itself is also harder(such as the birthday of characters from the series...)

gallery page

lots lots of art from previous Suchie-Pai series.

This picture is also used in poster (by broccoli card) from Tokyo Game Show'98
Secret Omake page

Figure Gallery
Misato's picture diary (Misato is from Game Tengoku)
Omake Game

Milky-Pai figure from figure gallery
he he he.
Mini Game : Milk no usagichan panic.

really simple and funny game.

Lots of bunnies are trying to capture the carrots.
any rabbit touches the carrot will try to carry it to the top of the screen.
If they reach the top with carrot, the game is over.

As you shoot the rabbits, more will appear.
They don't die. They just sit there when you hit them with bomb.
The screen is filled with insane amount of rabbits very quickly (without any slowdown)