Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai Special
for Saturn

Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai Special

*Mahjong game. Censored art.

as usual, no automatic play option.

more scan



CD art
Red Book audio track information
track time information


3:32 World Birthday
*opening, long version


1:55 World Birthday
*opening, short version


3.14 koino ichihowa watashikara


3:47 Power and Love



Art book-front

Art book-back

Screen Shots
Main Menu
Player Selection

There is no autoplay feature.
Even if you declare Richi, it doesn't show which tile to throw out.

You can get points from panel match.
final boss will appear when you max out the point.

Shiho won big points!!
Panel match.

You play panel match game between rounds.
You get the item when you match 2 of them.
When you match all the panel, you win the opponent.(game gets super hard later, panel match may be the only way to beat boss)

Level up!!
when you get enough points, you level up.
Final boss only appears on Level-Max.
Yup! this is strip mahjong.
But every pictures are not revealing as Remix version.
you see this Congratulation screen when you beat opponent...
and you will see LOADING screen!!
2D game on Saturn...loading?
If you match "tatsumaki sentakuke" items in panel match, you will have chance to select one of 3 pre-made tile sets on next round.
These are partially done, so you only need to replace few tiles. makes you easy to win. ^_^
but with unlimited continues.
Every Suchie-Pai games have Sound Test menu with vocal tracks.
Rule of the game.