Thunder Cross (Konami Kukeiha Club)



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No. Lyric Name
Thunder Cross arrange version
01 ---- Skywalker (2st.BGM)
Skywalker (stage 2 BGM)
Thunder Cross original game soundtrack
02 ---- The Thunder Fighters (タイトル)
The Thunder Fighters (title)
03 ---- First Attack (1st.BGM)
First Attack (stage 1 BGM)
04 ---- Skywalker (2st.BGM)
Skywalker (stage 2 BGM)
05 ---- Machine Graveyard (3st.BGM)
Machine Graveyard (stage 3 BGM)
06 ---- Great Battleship (4st.BGM)
Great Battleship (stage 4 BGM)
07 ---- Endless Labyrinth (5st.BGM)
Endless Labyrinth (stage 5 BGM)
08 ---- Fire Cavern (6st.BGM)
Fire Cavern (stage 6 BGM)
09 ---- Final Base (7st.BGM)
Final Base (stage 7 BGM)
10 ---- Gloidential Mechanism (ボス・BGM)
Gloidential Mechanism (boss BGM)
11 ---- Stage Clear (ステージ・クリアー)
Stage Clear (stage clear)
12 ---- Ranking (ランキング・BGM)
Ranking (ranking BGM)
13 ---- Game Over (ゲーム・オーバー)
Game Over (game over)
14 ---- A Long Way (エンディング)
A Long Way (ending)
A-JAX arrange version
15 ---- Final Command A-JAX (メドレー)
Final Command A-JAX (medley)
Salamander arrange version
16 ---- Cross Fire (メドレー)
Cross Fire (medley)
Hot Chase original game soundtrack
17 ---- Long Way to Danger (スタート・デモ)
Long Way to Danger (start demo)
18 ---- It's a Hard Way In The Suburbs (1st.BGM)
It's a Hard Way In The Suburbs (stage 1 BGM)
19 ---- Make Me Dynamic (2st.BGM)
Make Me Dynamic (stage 2 BGM)
20 ---- The Navigation On The Bridge (3st.BGM)
The Navigation On The Bridge (stage 3 BGM)
21 ---- Ice Won't Let Me Go (4st.BGM)
Ice Won't Let Me Go (stage 4 BGM)
22 ---- And Only Did I My Duty (エンディング1ランキング外)
And Only Did I My Duty (ending 1. out of ranking)
23 ---- Soldier's Paths (マップ・BGM)
Soldier's Paths (map BGM)
24 ---- Finally I Belong To (ランキング・BGM)
Finally I Belong To (ranking BGM)
25 ---- Just I've Dont It (ゲーム・オーバー)
Just I've Dont It (game over)
26 ---- After The Terrible Running (エンディング2)
After The Terrible Running (ending 2)
Gradius II arrange version
27 ---- Farewell (エンディング・BGM)
Farewell (ending BGM)