Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai 2
for Saturn

Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai 2

*Mahjong game. Uncensored art

It has automatic play option! but if you want see the final boss, play manually(for the maximum henshin point)

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CD art
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0:50 Warning

CD art
Red Book audio track information
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0:45 Warning



Art book-front

Art book-back

Screen Shots
Main Menu
Partner Select

Each partner has different special attack.(requires 1 Helper item)


you can toggle omakase(auto play) mode by pressing X, Y, and Z buttons at the same time. good for learning how to play mahjong.

You can get henshin points by winning and panel match.
other defeated "PAI" characters will join Suchie-Pai when you maxout their henshin points.
final boss will appear when you get all "Pai" characters.

Suchie-Pai series' best feature Hisatsu Suchie Stick!!

When in tenpai situation (just 1 more correct tile to win), You can use special attack (requires 1 Suchie Stick item) to win instantly.

The tile you need just pops up and you win.

Each "Pai" character has different way to help you.
Panel Match

You play panel match game between rounds.
You get the item when you match 2 of them.
When you match all the panel, you win the opponent.(game gets super hard later, panel match may be the only way to beat the boss)

Yup this is strip mahjong.
but there is small nudity(top only. nothing serious)
If you press B button, you can tickle them... @_@!
Every Suchie-Pai games have Sound Test menu with vocal tracks.
Title (Suchie-Yuki version)
select Suchie-Yuki in Stage Select mode.
Game (Suchie-Yuki version)

Suchie-Yuki can't use special attack.
There is no panel match between rounds.
After beating opponents, they join Suchie-Yuki.

*Because of Saturn's graphic limitation, menu is not transparent.

Title for Omake Disc
Free Vs mode
select from 15 characters.
Voice actress interview movie:
Kanai Mika - Suchie-Pai
Mizutani Yuko - Cherry-Pai
Orikasa Ai - Cecile Delinger
Miyuri's room
Miyuri's cosplay show!!
Free VS mode
Select player and beat other 14 to unlock the costume for Miyuri... 14 rounds per costume...
To unlock all costumes, you need to play 200+ rounds.
Game (Free Vs mode)
Space Alien Milky-Pai Vs Bunny Girl Kawamoto Sayuri.
Rules are same as normal game.
Sayuri won!
super big points.
Miyuri's Room (Cosplay)

Miyuri can change into different costumes you got from VS game.
You can scroll through all costumes in omake mode.

sample costumes