Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai Fan disc
for PC

Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai Fan disc *18kin

*more screen saver.

more wallpapers.

many icons, Suchie dictionary, Suchie-Pai history gallery.

4 utilities:

Talking Calculator, Calendar, Clock and Miyuri "paper doll" Kisekae.

more scan



CD art



Screen Shots
Main Menu
Suchie Dictionary 2.0

Explanation of words used in Suchie-Pai series.

Suchie Museum

Gallery of all Suchie-Pai games released by Jaleco

lots of Icons.
Desktop Utilities install menu

Install 4 of them at once.
Calendar, Clock, Calculator, and Kisekae/paper doll

Screen Saver
Utility 1 : Calendar

You can make wallpaper with calendar image

Utility 2 : Clock

select from Analog/Digital clock face.
4 different pictures for 7 characters.

Utility 3 : Talking Calculator

select from 7 characters.
They say the numbers when you input.

Utility : Kisekae / Paper doll

You can change costumes by drag-drop the costumes
(total 29 costumes)