Game Soundtrack

Cover Catalog No. Track List Titles
KICA-7760 Akumajo Dracula Nocturnal in the Moonlight
(Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)
KDSD-00043 Assult Suits Valken Original Soundtrack
KICA-9029~31 Falcom Special Box '97
KICA-1042~3 Falcom Vocal collection 1
*Special thanks to CloudV from Cloud's Villa
KICA-1044~5 Falcom Vocal collection 2
KICA-1179 Falcom Vocal collection 4
PCCB-00069 Fantastic Night Dreams Cotton
doesn't have ID Final Fantasy X sample CD
KICA-7800 Ganbare Goemon Original Game Soundtrack
*Goemon64(Nintendo 64 ) OST
D28B-0003 Game Sound Jaleco -G.S.M. Jaleco 1
*Contains Jaleco's masterpiece, GinGaNinKyouDen's music.
LACM-4051 Go!!
*Super Robot Wars Impact OP/ED
Go!! is opening. Departure is Ending
X GM-164


Konami Label Vocal History Collection
GMCP-1004 Marinarinaa!
GMCP-1010 Zoku Marinarinaa!
PCCB-00118 Sonic Wings
PCCB-00158 Sonic Wings 2
TYCY-5564 Suchie Drama Theater Miracle Another World! Part I
edo jidai hen
TYCY-5566 Suchie Drama Theater Miracle Another World! Part II
genshi jidai hen
TYCY-5571 Suchie Drama Theater Miracle Another World! Part III
sekai no Hero hen
PCCB-00382 Suchie-Pai Arcade BGM collecion
ZTCG-004 Suchie-Pai Adventure Dokidoki Nightmare Dokidoki*onsen ryokou!
AYCM-613 Suchie-Pai Adventure Dokidoki Nightmare Drama & Music Collection
TYCY-5597 Suchie-Pai Adventure dokidoki nightmare sound track
COCC-13231 Suchie-Pai gaiden Combat Girl Lemon-Pai drama CD
JALE-00011 Suchie-Pai Radio Station Omake Disc3
JALE-00011 Suchie-Pai radio Station Special
[kokushi musou na drama CD / shiren no otakara moe voice shuu] hen
ABCA-24 Suchie-Pai special sound album
FSCA-10112 Suchie-Pai vocal collection
MACM-1093 Soundtrack Tales of Destiny
LACA-9011~12 Super Robot Wars Impact Original Sound Track
MACM-1132 Tales of Phantasia Narikiri Dungeon Drama
Sun Chapter
MACM-1133 Tales of Phantasia Narikiri Dungeon Drama
Moon Chapter
X GM-150/151


Tales of Phantasia OST complete version
MACM-1144 Tales of Phantasia chara talk CD
~Panic World~
276A-7703 Thunder Cross
KICA-1220 Very Best of Ys
TOCT-9798 Wonder project J2 Original Soundtrack
KICA-1141 Ys 4 Vs Xanadu JDK band 4
VICL-12022 Yumewa Owaranai(Yukari Yoshida)
*Tales of Phantasia opening(Super Famicom version)

came with 1 collectable card.

NW10102480 Zwei!! original soundtrack